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Learning that expands being

Our services increase your capacity to expand perspectives, shift mindsets,
and release outmoded beliefs to become grounded and whole.

Personal Mastery

Develop practices to prioritize commitments

Embodied practices support you in recognizing habitual patterns to become more intentional.

Leadership Mastery

Expand capacity, clarity and creativity

We work with emerging, advancing, and organizational leaders to increase awareness with integrity, commitment, and trust as the source for creating change.

Spiritual Awareness

Deepen intuitive self to expand wisdom

Our contemplative practices support developing your inner wisdom to cultivate intuition and clarity for effective decision-making.


Learn and practice together

Practicing alone only gets you so far. We discover ourselves in community.
Our curated spaces offer peer learning that supports self-discovery and leadership development.

Coaches Salon

Enhancing your professional practice

This monthly curated space for experienced coaches supports practices to bring wisdom to coaching.

Second Tuesday Monthly
August 13 • 12-noon (ET)

Small Sangha

Learning with companions on the path

Our weekly Practice Field supports clients. Additional teachings in Buddhist Psychology invite discoveries and insights from the community’s wisdom.

Sundays • 10:00 am (ET)

Insight Academy

Timeless practices for contemplative learning

Join a community of learners to develop your intuition and expand your creativity.

Integrate traditional wisdom practices to address concerns of the modern world.


Deep Listening

Explore Listening as a commitment and mindset that we can develop.


2024 Wisdom Programs

Explore our learning programs.
Buddhist Practices • Transpersonal Psychology • Integral Theory.


Generative Language

Explore speech acts and practices for coordinating action and collaborating.


Community Voice


Participant’s Voice


… of participants say our programs successfully increased the practice of deep listening.

This has been a powerful and informative experience! I felt supported and engaged with access to tools, resources, and ways of being. I know this will begin a lifelong investment to improve my relationships, coaching, and abilities around deep listening.”


…of participants say our program’s contemplative practices increased the quality of their life and overall satisfaction.

This program was the most powerful professional development program I have participated in. I learned so much about myself and how much I have developed from my past experiences, even from childhood.”


… of participants say our programs supported their experience in giving and receiving feedback.

 Several practices, such as giving and receiving feedback, are already helping me expand my listening and leadership skills and aid me in my everyday life.”



Our blog, “Unlearning Curve,” explores emerging thinking in personal and leadership mastery and spiritual awareness.


Our colleagues enjoy professional associations through the following memberships, certifications, and organizations.

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