Contemplative learning is key to accessing your being and becoming whole.

Bhāvanā Learning Group specializes in contemplative learning and leadership development. Our firm supports professionals in becoming grounded through coaching, consulting, and community learning services.

Uncovering your Essence

Through practice, study, and self-discovery, we invite you on a path of greater awareness and clarity to reclaim yourself to find your way through the storm. At Bhāvanā Learning Group, we witness your awakening to inner wisdom to access your intuition and creativity.

Creating intentional habits

Practice is about bringing intention to our lives. It grounds us, providing purpose, direction, and clarity, leaving us available to serve. We are here to guide you in embracing your whole being. As your guides to self-discovery, new reflective practices open you to confronting the blind spots that undermine your best intentions and efforts.

Remembering who you are

The process of becoming involves remembering who you are to expand your possibilities. Our contemplative learning model uncovers the source of feeling ungrounded, over-extended, fragmented, and just surviving each day.

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Our Approach

Our Contemplative Learning model cultivates inner wisdom.

Grounded practices and clarity drive effective change to enhance individual and organizational well-being. We integrate Eastern practices with Western philosophy to cultivate inner wisdom and clarity to drive effective change and enhance individual and organizational well-being.

Models and Methodology

Bhavana Learning Group employs three interrelated models with research and practice to offer insights into human development.

Ontological Distinctions

We apply (Western philosophy) through ontological distinctions via coaching to expand perceptions. Our work distinguishes our “experience of being” to support generative communications and deep listening.

Developmental Psychology

We utilize (Western concepts) through developmental psychology to cultivate vertical growth. Our work examines ego-consciousness to discern motivation, shadow, worldviews, and belief systems.

Buddhist Psychology

We engage (Eastern philosophy) through Buddhist psychology to support contemplative practices. Our work develops interdependent awareness to soften ego-attachment and ego-identification that fosters unlearning.

Our 12 WISDOM PRACTICES support developing intentional habits to cultivate human potential.

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