My Journey To Mindfulness

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Tony Zampella and Devorah Gilbert in 2002.

My journey began in 2000 when, working with my mentor Devorah Gilbert, I recognized the wisdom she had developed from her time in an Ashram. As a faculty member, coach, consultant, and researcher in adult and leadership development, I would frequently come upon work from Eastern wisdom and Buddhist psychology. What did they know or experience?

After some investigation, I began an informal study into Buddhism DOWNLOAD PDF

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Coming Out Again…

This is a sidebar to the following blog: “Time for Coaching to Come Out and Embrace Diversity”

As a presenter at ACTO’s conference, I offered research on unlearning to cultivate openness for cultural issues. I also realized three unique attributes of our LGBTQ community, which I’d like to share as a step toward better understanding some of these issues.

First, we must come out. DOWNLOAD PDF

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Tony Filippi’s Story – Booklet

I wrote the attached ten-page booklet for the 50th-Anniversary celebration of Tony’s Pizza last May. It details Tony Zampella’s story from Italy to Filippi’s.

Use this link to download the booklet.  Tony Filippi Story – Anniversary Celebration-2.

For more information on our family legacy, please email me at tonyzampella@gmail.com


Tony Zampella is the learning designer at Bhavana Learning Group (previously, Zampella Group), which serves coaches, learning professionals and DOWNLOAD PDF

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