Bhavana Learning Group offers Coaches Salon.

Serving our Coaching Community in developing a “Coaching Mindset.”

OCTOBER: Coaching Inquiry

12-1 pm (ET) • Tuesday • October 10

“Going East to Expand Presence”

Exploring Eastern Wisdom to
distinguish the elements and
practices for cultivating presence.

Tony Zampella,
Wisdom Coach

As a wisdom coach, teacher, and mentor, Tony Zampella blends Buddhist psychology and practices with Western learning methods to support coaches and leaders in expanding the presence of being.

In this session, Tony will guide learners through distinctions and practices that draw on Eastern wisdom. He develops a mind state that supports Presence — the practice of letting go and being with others. His work increases awareness by connecting with sensations and motivations to cultivate the energy of presence.

The Coaches Salon is a curated space for experienced coaches to practice.

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Upcoming Inquiries:
Second Tuesday each month.

OCTOBER 10, 2023
Going East for Presence
Tony Zampella,
Wisdom Coach

NOVEMBER 14, 2023
Coaching Supervision
Carol Harris-Fike, PCC
Leadership Coach

DECEMBER 12, 2023
Beyond “Coach-speak” to Connection
Ken Roseboom, ACC
Executive Coach

JANUARY 9, 2024
Brendalyn King, PCC
Ontological/leadership Coach

FEBRUARY 13, 2024
Discover Ontology, Pt 2
Karen White, MCC
Ontological Coach

MEMBERSHIP: We welcome experienced coaches and ICF members in good standing. 

FACULTY:  Brendalyn King, PCC, and Tony Zampella

FEE: No fee to participate in 2023.

WHEN: Second Tuesday each month • 12-1 pm (ET).

2023 dates: Oct 10, Nov 14, Dec 12 (into 2024)

WHERE: Zoom Platform

To curate this space for trained and experienced coaches and coach trainers, Bhavana Learning Group asks that members meet two of the following criteria.

1- Graduate from an ICF-approved coach training school

2- ICF membership

3- Experienced Coach (either internal or external)

Thanks for helping us to curate this space for our coaching community.

Develop practices to stabilize your foundation for the coaching mindset.

Discover new ways to observe and practice distinctions to support your presence.

Discern your moment-to-moment experience when concepts mask experience.

Deepen your relationship with community to support your learning, practice, and career.

Supporting our Coaching Community

Cultivate a Coaching Mindset via Deep Listening Practices.

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Supporting our Client Community.

Develop Contemplative Practices for Conscious Leadership.

Supporting our Wisdom Community

Study Wisdom from Buddhist Psychology.

Testimonials from our Coaches. 

A new awareness of my views as a coach.

Each month after attending the Coaches Salon, I walk away with a new awareness of my views as a coach and practices. I can set aside my view and become curious about the client’s view.

Pam Blackmore, Executive Leadership Coach, Awesome Journey, Calgary, Canada.

Welcoming community …

The Coaches Salon has supported my work as a coach by being involved with a like-minded community of coaches who challenge, create, and learn together. It is a beautifully welcoming community.

— Jason Veliquette, MA, PCC, Director of Operations, Blue Mesa Coaching: Coach, Consultant, Coach Educator

This course deepened my understanding and perspective on listening.

“This class was beautifully designed to start with clarity and build upon what we were learning as we were ready to hear it.  As a coach trainer, I thought I had a pretty good handle on my listening. Going through this course deepened my understanding and perspective on listening in a way that is transforming both how I teach and how I coach.  It’s a challenging course, which makes it all the more valuable.”

Kathy Harman, MCC — Director of Training, Radiance Partners, LLC

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