We engage clients in a three-part process to cultivate a Coaching Mindset.

Our Ontological Model cultivates conditions to awaken the nature of being, discover our whole self, and integrate new levels of awareness and action.

Model and Methodology

Bhavana Learning Group employs three interrelated systems of research and understanding to offer insights into human development.

  1. We apply (Western philosophy) Ontological distinctions via coaching to expand perceptions. Our work distinguishes our “experience of being” to support generative communications and deep listening.

  2. We utilize (Western concepts) Developmental Psychology to cultivate vertical awareness. Our work examines ego-consciousness to discern motivation, shadow, worldviews, and belief systems.

  3. We engage (Eastern philosophy) Buddhist Psychology to support contemplative practices. Our work develops interdependent awareness to soften ego-attachment and -identification that fosters unlearning.

Our Model and Methodology, from our 12 WISDOM PRACTICES, support experienced coaches, educators, and learning professionals to cultivate human potential.

Our philosophical grounding involves differentiating and applying the nature of being to the human condition as foundational to shaping action and knowledge.


Our team has undergone years of rigorous inquiry and practice from a foundation of philosophical study, systems thinking, leadership mastery, and contemplative practices.

Our expertise includes these fields of study, knowledge, and development methods and tools:

“We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are.”


“Freedom lies in the space between observation and opinion. Cultivate that space and expand your freedom.”


This MINI-CASE on LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT outlines the story and scope of a client.

Colleagues at Bhavana Learning Group enjoy professional association and accreditation in good standing through the following memberships, certifications, and organizations:

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