Commitment to Dignity

Learning and unlearning to reimagine human potential.

We embrace dignity as fundamental to the being of human beings. While we exist as one humanity with members of equal worth, we also acknowledge the systemic bias that has prevented so many from sharing their unique contributions.

Because we are interdependent, we are deeply affected by the systemic dehumanization of members of our community. These ongoing transgressions create injustices that demand immediate action.

We are committed to the commitment and practices necessary to ensure racial equity and equality for all.

We encourage our community to speak, take action, and transform the status quo to advance the cause of social justice.

We seize this moment to advance our moral obligation to reimagine education, expand what it means to be human, and undo the deep inequities that undermine our possibilities as a people and as a society.

Our commitment to learning and unlearning ennobles the authentic voices of our community, as we:

  • Unlearn the misperceived view of “separation” that cultivates bias and exploitation.

  • Discover and cultivate an evolved imagination to conceive of expanded possibilities.

  • Listen deeply to community members with humility and compassion.

  • Act with intention and wisdom to speak out against the systemic bias that impedes access and opportunity.

Today, we stand for this fundamental dignity and call it into existence.

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

—James Baldwin


We offer this material to support your learning and practice.

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