Welcome to the Online Learning Community at Bhavana Learning Group. We’ve created this space to encourage everyone to engage, explore, and examine deep learning and unlearning in a supportive community. 


As a member of the Learning Community, we invite you to remember: 

  • I joined this space to learn and unlearn as a member of a learning community. 
  • I participate in this community to share and receive ideas and experiences and create connections. 
  • I practice with this community to surface my assumptions to increase my awareness. 


1) Follow the thread. We use Slack to generate conversations; following the threads is important for the coherence of each conversation. See article to support threading. 

2) Message content. Work to stay aligned with the subject heading. Please start a new thread if content strays from the original topic. 

3) Change is normal. We’ve enabled all of Slack’s functions if you wish to edit or revise posts. Feel free to share articles, ask questions and offer insights. 

4) We’re an inclusive community. This learning community is an expression of our commitment to dignity. We welcome your whole self to this inclusive learning community. 

5) Avoid derisive or divisive remarks. Someone’s tone can be hard to decipher online; make liberal use of emoji, GIFs, and memes to aid communication. If it gets tense or confusing, pause and DM a member of Bhavana Learning Group, either Brendalyn King or Neil Ruiz. 

6) Solicitation & Commerce. From time to time, Bhavana Learning Group will share offers (free or fee-based) that can support the community.

a) We ask members to refrain from marketing or promotions in this space. This is not a business ”networking” site; it is a community of learning and practice. 

b) We invite offers that can serve that commitment. If you are unsure about any offer, reach out to @Brendalyn or @Tony via direct message (DM) before sharing with an individual, private channel, or public community. 

c) You may provide your commercial contact information in your signature line. 

7) Privacy. Refrain from sharing someone else’s private email message or contact details without permission. 

8) Be complete. Contact a member of Bhavana Learning Group should you notice something or wish to make a request. 

9) Parts/Wholes. Remember that we are part of a whole, and our impact can elude us. Be encouraging, learning occurs in the gap, and wisdom can arise from discomfort. Find your edge and support the whole community as your space for practice and exploration. 

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