Spaces that Support Learning in Community

Learn to embody contemplative practices to support coaching and leadership. Share questions and experiences in each community. Gather insights from the community.

Practice Field

Weekly Sessions to Develop Contemplative Practices for Conscious Leadership.

Supporting our client community to learn

  • to use your breath and body to access wisdom and practices in everyday life.
  • techniques for centering, pausing, concentrating, and practicing mindfulness.

See our community agreements for the Practice Field.

Membership: any current or former client or program student.

For information about the Practice Field, contact

Coaches Salon

Monthly sessions to Cultivate a Coaching Mindset via Deep Listening Practices.

Supporting our Coaching community to:

  • Deepen practice to stabilize the foundation for deep listening.
  • Discovers new ways to observe and deepen distinctions to support your listening.

Membership: graduates of our Deep Listening Program and ICF members in good standing. No fee to join in 2024.

Learn with Colleagues
  • Deepen your relationships to support your coaching career and practice.
  • Exploring practices in our lives and sharing questions and successes with the group.

For information on the Coaches Salon, contact

Small Sangha

Monthly Sessions to Study Wisdom from Buddhist Psychology.

  • Through study, develop an understanding of our innate wisdom.
  • Through practice, discern our experience beyond our concepts.
  • Through community, discover obscurations to our view.

Membership: for anyone interested in Buddhist psychology, practice, and wisdom.

For more information on Small Sangha, contact

To enjoy membership in our online learning community and enable participation, we offer these Community Guidelines. Please review these to enhance your experience. 


Awaken • Discover • Integrate

In Sanskrit, Bhāvanā describes a process of cultivation: the development of mental qualities such as imagination and awareness directed toward intentional change.

AWAKEN. With distinctions in perception and wisdom practices, we begin to experience our whole being as body, mind, and language. We envision openings beyond our reflexive selves.

DISCOVER. Through our unlearning process and inquiry into the nature of being, we discover and distinguish our inner world. We develop a foundation that invites possibilities beyond our past frames of reference.

INTEGRATE. Recognizing the nature of being and integrating wisdom practices, we discern experiences to cultivate an interdependent view of life. We embody and sustain new levels of awareness and action.

Our Commitment to Dignity and Justice is the foundation of Community.

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