Learn and Practice Together

Learning That Expands Being

At Bhavana Learning Group, we have curated learning spaces with peer learning that support self-discovery and personal development.

Our learning community invites dialogue and discovery with mindful methods to expand one’s perspective. Learning in community supports a deeper connection to self and others to become whole.

To support our community, we have a Commitment to Dignity and our Commitment to Buddhist Psychology and Wisdom.

To donate to our efforts (Dāna in Sanskrit), please click here to support free webinars, practices, or assistance with studies.

Coaches Salon

Enhancing your professional practice

Welcome to this curated space for experienced coaches to support practices for bringing Wisdom to Coaching via Dialogue and Practice.

Each MONTHLY Session supports our coaching community by:

  • Deepening your relationships to support your coaching career and practice.
  • Exploring practices in our lives and sharing questions and successes with the group.

Small Sangha

Learning with companions on the path

Through practice and study, you will cultivate wisdom from Buddhist Psychology.

  • Study develops an understanding of our path to discovering our innate wisdom.
  • Practice discerns our experience beyond our conditioning and concepts.
  • Community discovers our true nature to expand our view of self and reality.

Membership: for anyone interested in Buddhist psychology, practice, and wisdom.

Those attending Small Sangha courses are granted access to the Practice Field below.

Practice Field

Practicing in Community

Practicing alone only gets you so far; we discover ourselves in community. Through our weekly Practice Field, our clients and learners access community wisdom to invite discoveries, questions, and insights.

As part of the Small Sangha, the Practice Field supports cultivating insight.

Weekly Sessions develop contemplative practices to expand capacity and deepen leadership.

  • We cultivate awareness of breath and body to support practices in everyday life.
  • We learn techniques for centering, pausing, concentrating, and practicing mindfulness.

Our INSIGHT ACADEMY offers learning to gain insight through specially designed courses and expert guides. View current learning Tracks.

  • New courses announced in September.
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