Spaces that Support Learning in Community

Practice Field

Supporting our client community, we

  • Learn to use your breath and body to access wisdom and practices in everyday life.
  • Learn techniques to access wisdom for centering, pausing, concentrating, and practicing mindfulness.
  • Employ techniques to cultivate focus and creativity to live intentionally with a calm presence.
  • See our community agreements for the Practice Field.
Listening Lab

Supporting graduates of our listening program, our listening community:

  • Dissolves barriers and discover your natural ability to generate a clearing and openness for possibility.
  • Deepens practice to stabilize the foundation for deep listening
  • Discovers new ways to observe and deepen distinctions to support your listening.
  • See our community agreements for our Listening Lab. 
Learning Dialogues
  • We engage in learning dialogues to study and learn together.
  • We’ve engaged groups to study topics such as Conscious Business.
  • Together we become conscious learners, exploring topics and emerging ideas together.
Share Your Wisdom
  • Develop our connection with moment-to-moment experience
  • Discern when concepts mask Experience.
  • Observe which distinctions or practices can bring you closer to your experience.
Discover dimensions of self

Learn to embody contemplative practices by sharing experiences and discerning real-life situations, bringing questions for the group, and gathering insights from the community.

  • Discover how these practices cultivate learning and help us move through feelings of loneliness and isolation in our organizations.
  • Discover direct experiences from practicing.
Learn with Companions
  • Deepen your relationship with the community to support your coaching or learning career and practice.
  • Exploring practices in our lives and share questions and successes with the group.
  • See our Commitment to Dignity and Justice as the foundation of Community.

BELONG to a Learning Community that supports practices for conscious leaders and learners.


Awaken • Integrate • Embody

In Sanskrit, Bhāvanā describes a process of cultivation: the development of mental qualities such as imagination and awareness directed toward intentional change.

AWAKEN. An inquiry into the nature of being beyond our conceptual maps. We experience our whole being as body, mind, and language.

INTEGRATE. Invite an opening that expands and includes all parts of ourselves. We envision possibilities beyond our past frames of reference.

EMBODY. Engage life with contemplative practice beyond our reflexive selves. We embody and sustain new levels of awareness and action.