At Bhavana Learning Group, we bring our whole being to learning to evolve who we are as humans.

Through our body of distinctions, body of knowledge and body of practices, we cultivate conscious leadership to navigate a complex and changing world.


Our ontological coaching model cultivates systems thinking and conscious leadership to expand the capacity to navigate disruptive change and uncertainty.

Premium Program includes 36 to 48 sessions in a one-year learning program.

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We listen deeply to access your experience and wisdom into daily practices that support wholeness: at work, at home, in life.

Premium Program includes 12 to 24 sessions in a one-year learning program.

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We design learning experiences to grow cultures for conscious leadership. We partner with organizations to seed inclusive conversations for equity and development.

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We offer assessments in Vertical Development and Spiritual Intelligence.

  1. Our Vertical Development Profile develops awareness, cultivates spaciousness, and increases capacity for change and complexity.
  2. The SQ21 – Spiritual Intelligence Survey is a rigorous online self-assessment to identify and assess 21 highly developed and integral skills to develop conscious leadership.

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The key infrastructure question is, “What culture do we need in order to execute our strategy and fulfill our mission?”

—Fred Kofman