Our consulting brings wisdom to learning to evolve conversations for conscious leadership.

We view organizations as a network of commitments. Our view locates “conversation” as the primary structure for authoring change and deepening learning to include all voices.

As consultants, we develop new “conversational structures” for learning and accountability that systematically dissolve the barriers to generative conversations.

Our work involves generative communications and contemplative practices to develop interpersonal mastery for team learning and systems thinking to cultivate conscious leadership.

What does it mean to lead organizational cultures dealing with volatile change and complexity?

Leadership today must course throughout organizations and networks to increase a leadership consciousness for developing shared commitments and accountability.

Conscious Leadership demands self-awareness and contextual awareness to navigate the cultural change and complexity that involve learning and unlearning.

Our work deepens personal mastery to be with uncertainty and ambiguity while developing continual learning as a practice, and lifelong discipline.

What does it mean to communicate in a way that shapes perceptions, frames situations, and coordinates action?

Cultivating a generative mindset transforms our relationship to language from being describers of some objective-knowable world to being designers and authors of reality.

Generativity means giving birth to something, and that something emerges from this conversation. You feel connected, more understood, seen, heard, and experienced. You’ve been recreated beyond any label or concept – acknowledged as a legitimate being. That is Generative Communications.

How do we reinvent our meetings as collaborative spaces for learning and co-creating today?

The nature of work, today, requires team learning: to think and learn together in ways that enhance collaboration.

The discipline of team learning confronts our “individualism” to develop and deepen the practice of “dialogue.”

Our work cultivates dialogue and deep listening to support genuine “thinking together,” a free-flowing meaning that allows the group to discover insights not attainable individually.

What does it mean to shamelessly bring learning into every aspect of organizational life?

Our 12 Contemplative Practices support developing the ground of being with conditions and practices that, when embodied, cultivate a learning culture for conscious leadership.

We research and develop learning and unlearning designs with practices that discern the experience of being through an exploration of mind, body, and language.

Explore how the problem-solving mindset focuses efforts to “push on” symptoms, rather than discover emergence?

There is no object or problem out there; the causes of our “problems” are part of a single system, beginning with our perceptions, patterns of behavior, structures, and mental models.

Lacking this systemic awareness, we revert to simplistic cause and effect fixes, failing to grasp the source of problems. We are unable to dissolve the frozen thinking of the underlying cause.

Our work explores an integral view of organizational life to develop “design thinking” and “cultural awareness.”

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“Learning organizations are spaces for generative conversations and concerted action. In them, language functions as a device for connection, invention, and coordination.

People can talk from their hearts and connect with one another in the spirit of dialogue. Their dialogue weaves a common fabric and connects them at a deep level of being.

When people talk and listen to each other this way, they create a field of alignment that produces tremendous power to invent new realities in conversation, and to bring about these new realities in action.”

—Peter M. Senge