Deep Listening Program: All We Want is to be Heard.

“As a coach trainer, I thought I had a pretty good handle on my listening. Going through this course deepened my understanding and perspective on listening in a way that is transforming both how I teach and how I coach.”

Kathy Harman, MCC, Coach and Coach Trainer

Why Deep Listening?

Deep Listening is critical to coaching success, yet surveys reveal that many coaches seem confused about what it involves, and how to practice or sustain it. The challenge is learning to be with our whole self, deeply and authentically.

Coaches: We cultivate the openness and practice to transforms being with others to receive your clients fully. The Art of Deep Listening is crucial for evoking awareness, cultivating presence, and developing trust and intimacy!

Coach trainers: Empower your students to transcend rote Active Listening training. Developing your students in the art of deep listening is a gift that will enable them to open possibilities with their clients.

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Create a Reliable Listening Practice

Most coaches have been taught to “Listen beyond the words.” This ignores the source of listening from deep within. What do coaches need to authentically connect with their client’s concerns? Consider these facets of Deep Listening:

  • What is listening for context? How do we cultivate intention and clear attention?
  • How does listening shape our worldviews for bias, “separation,” and inclusion?
  • How can we identify and accept impediments that undermine our listening?
  • How can we develop a reliable and sustainable practice?
  • How do we train others in deep listening?


This program galvanizes you to create a reliable and sustainable practice of listening deeply. The practice cultivates openness and awareness to expand self-discovery and impact the way you interact with colleagues and clients.

  • Learn and experience impediments to awareness to cultivate deep listening.
  • Learn and experience conditions to deepen presence for authentic listening.
  • Learn and experience techniques to cultivate openness for deep listening.
  • Learn the contemplative practices to sustain deep listening.

Participants in the Coaching Certificate Listening Program, strongly agree, that:

  • 92.7% “The program altered how I view and interact with someone significant in my life.”
  • 94.5% “The program’s practices were critical to my development as a coach/educator.”
  • 92.7% “I would recommend this program/learning to a coach or colleague.”

You owe this to yourself. You owe this to the world.


The Program intensive is designed specifically for these professionals:

  1. Experienced Coaches: Internal Coaches, Coach Trainers, Mentor-Coaches, Coach Supervisors.
  2. Learning Professionals and Executives: Educators, Program Managers, and HR Professionals. We encourage learning professionals that have worked within the coaching mindset and with some experience in developing personal mastery.


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The certificate of completion will award:

29 Core Comp. CCE’s.

5 Resource Dev. CCE’s.

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I have a plan for Mastering Deep Listening

“Deep Listening offered me a deeper dive into many of the principles of Ontological Coaching. I have received continuous training in Ontological Coaching for over 15 years, and also have trained and mentored students for 10+ years and still found this course of great value. I now have new practices and ways (language and concepts) to support students and my clients. More than that, I have a plan for mastering Deep Listening.”

Carol Harris-Fike

NCOC, PCC, Newfield Mentor Coach, Principal of CHF Coaching & Consulting, LLC

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