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The Deep Listening Program is designed to impact us at the level of “being” — not add more concepts or knowledge. By cultivating openness, we expand views and unlearn old beliefs.   Much like building a muscle, this development naturally takes time to identify and unlearn old beliefs and assumptions and cultivate awareness into sustainable practices.

At 2 hours per week for 11 weeks, the Deep Listening Program promises to create a consistent practice to awaken, integrate and embody learning to develop listening at the level of being.

The Deep Listening Program is a combination of workshop, seminar, and a dialogic pedagogy. It involves reflection, examination, discussion, and discovery.

Participants will practice during each session as we preview new material together. Then participants bring the concepts and practices into their lives to experiment and examine. We connect participants in an online learning community where they share experiences and discoveries to support each other. 

In this context, “Deep” involves penetrating the attention structures that focus our listening and shape our views.

  1. Being Intentional involves awareness of our attention structures that distinguish habitual patterns, discern current situations, and cultivate future possibilities that impact our listening.
  2. Cultivating Openness explores the human capacity of spaciousness to be with experiences and others fully through cultivating an interdependent awareness.

The result is an expanded listening that opens our imagination beyond hearing words, observing patterns, and anticipating action to reveal the deeper meaning of being.

The learning employed is termed first-person or contemplative learning. Our methodology involves an ontological inquiry into the nature and function of being to include:

  1. a body of linguistic distinctions to open perceptions;
  2. a body of knowledge to process concepts; and,
  3. a body of practices to embody distinctions and concepts in our lives.

We leverage the entire cohort of learners to share experiences, techniques and practices to support development. Through discussion, practice and breakout sessions we develop a shared experience that cultivates trust and deep connection and conversation.

The Deep Listening Program involves various activities, and exercises as follows:

  1. Study and Material — We read short papers and observe videos to develop a conceptual framework.
  2. Exercises and Surveys — Each session includes a blend of surveys or exercises to offer rigorous self-reflection.
  3. Practices — We develop a set of practices to clear our mind, distinguish our own listening, and identify past constraints.

We become more intentional and cultivate openness.



Participant Maureen Gallen, PCC, details the way listening can emerge in every part of our lives, often concealed from us.

 Participant Carol, PCC, (a mentor coach) details the importance of creating space, and emerging space in our lives to practice Deep Listening.

Download more info on our Listening Certificate.