Unknown – PF – 1

1- The Practice Field is the best Sangha for anyone beginning to form their meditation practice. The benefits I have taken away show up in my work with clients and have a ripple effect on my interactions with others. Specifically, focusing on the 7 points of my posture allows me to bring a framework from mindfulness into the small moments of my day-to-day life. — Member since 2019

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Unknown – PF – 2

2- It’s opened me up to practicing in community, to being with others in a new and different way, and given me a consistent place for exploring and deepening my practice. — Member since 2022

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Unknown – PF – 3

3- The structure of the field allows for two kinds of learning for me. One that comes from repeating the view and parties each week. Allowing for seeing beyond a cursory interaction. The second comes from listening to others’ experiences and periodic teaching by Tony Zampella. Both of these stretch my understanding. —Member since 2022

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