Insight Academy

Timeless practices support contemplative learning

Bhavana Learning Group integrates traditional wisdom practices to address concerns of our modern world.

Insight Academy offers studies to gain insight through our rigorous research, specially designed courses, private teachings, and expert guides.

Join a community of learners to develop your intuition and expand your creativity. 

We will announce 2025 learning tracks in September.

Track 1: Taste of Buddhism

An introduction to core Buddhist concepts and practices

WHAT: Have you ever wondered how Buddhist concepts and practices might offer support?

We review different concepts to understand Buddhist Practices, Philosophy, and Psychology and develop a practice in our lives.

WHO: Beginners to Buddhist psychology, meditation practitioners, or anyone looking to develop daily practices.

  • Registration will open September 2024

Track 2: Dharma Path

Study for practitioners to deepen Buddhist wisdom.

WHAT: This year’s Dharma learning includes two teachings:

Typically, over 9-10 months, we will explore two texts — from renowned dharma authors on specific topics. 

WHO: Anyone already on the Path, who has studied, or is interested in a deeper understanding of the dharma.

  • Registration will open September 2024

Track 3: Transpersonal Psychology

Study Integral Theory to evolve “self” and include more perspectives.

Integral Theory is a meta-theory that attempts to integrate all human knowledge and wisdom into a new, emergent worldview. As we adopt and practice this integral lens, we appreciate the multifaceted nature of human experience, the interdependence of all phenomena, and the evolution of consciousness itself.

WHAT: This introduction will review basic Integral Theory concepts, including quadrants, levels, lines, states, and types.

WHO: Anyone interested in examining thinking and beliefs to develop an integral mindset. Using the text, students will apply concepts and practices to develop an integral view.

  • Registration will open September 2024.