Consulting with Bhavana Learning Group offers research and practices to design effective learning experiences.

Design Effective Learning Experiences

The complex nature of designing Learning Experiences involves quality research and effective wisdom practices to operationalize and internalize, and then to embody.

Partner with us to design the learning experiences that develop conscious leadership for your teams and culture. Our work involves practices, principles, and perspectives for cultivating a sustainable learning culture.

Curating Learning Models & Practices

The meaning of Bhavana is “to cultivate” being and becoming. We partner with teams and organizations to create the conditions, practices, and programs that develop conscious leaders that cultivate learning cultures based on dignity.

Our models and methods support learning professionals and organizations to increase capacity for Conscious Leadership, as defined by our 12 Practices.

  • Our research, program designs, and contemplative learning and practices cultivate space for unlearning.
  • When integrated and embodied, our work cultivates evolutionary thinking around an equity consciousness that includes being accountable, inclusiveness, and sustainable.
  • Our work supports the principles and practices to evolve your culture.


We offer the following individual self-assessments, vertical assessments and 360° assessments.

  1. The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° Assessment
  2. Collective Leadership Assessment™ 360° Assessment
  3. The Korn Ferry 360° Feedback Assessment
  4. Vertical Development: Self-Assessment Survey
  5. Spiritual Intelligence (SQ21) Self-Assessment

See Assessments for more details.



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“Learning organizations are spaces for generative conversations and concerted action. In them, language functions as a device for connection, invention, and coordination.

People can talk from their hearts and connect with one another in the spirit of dialogue. Their dialogue weaves a common fabric and connects them at a deep level of being.

When people talk and listen to each other this way, they create a field of alignment that produces tremendous power to invent new realities in conversation, and to bring about these new realities in action.”

—Peter M. Senge