Leadership mentoring begins with listening deeply to integrate learning and wisdom into daily practices to support being whole.

What is Mentoring?

You may have retained a coach and wonder how mentoring differs. Mentoring cultivates space to inquire beyond expanding competency and achieving goals to develop wisdom. 

  • Through generative conversations and inquiries, we expand awareness and deepen listening.

  • We create space for clients to clarify priorities and discover deeper truths.

  • We cultivate possibility from an authentic commitment.

Our work involves ontological inquiry that expands perceptions with Buddhist Psychology to develop contemplative practices. We cultivate wisdom by:

  1. Developing practices to navigate uncertainty and complexity.
  2. Discovering patterns that impede effective grounding, presence, and coordination.
  3. Deepening commitment to space and practice to cultivate presence.

Our mentoring process includes three phases.

  1. Discovery Phase. With an initial interview and survey process, we develop a learning arc that expands awareness and cultivates presence.

  2. Commitment Phase. We co-create a mentoring agreement that establishes your commitment to expand awareness and cultivate being.

  3. Inquiry Phase. Our definition of mentoring integrates Western learning and development with Buddhist psychology and contemplative practices. These inquiries distinguish subtle habitual patterns and concerns to deepen your commitment to being human as a coach or leader.

Our mentoring services support expanded perceptions, increased awareness, and unlearning to cultivate presence.

  1. Leadership Development: Expanded perceptions to cultivate and create change through collaboration.
  2. Vertical Learning: Awareness: Inquiries that support coaches, those in transition, and existential “unlearning.”
  3. Vertical Learning: Presence: Inquiries that support coaches in distinguishing the “attention structures” to deepen listening and presence.

Mentoring Agreements include 12 to 24 sessions in one year.


  1. Leadership presence is a function of cultivating space and awareness.
  2. With grounding and increased awareness, we expand the capacity for learning and unlearning.
  3. As your partner, we explore, identify and distinguish the untapped wisdom already within you.

Coaching at Bhavana Learning Group involves three interrelated systems of research and understanding to offer insights into human development.

  1. We employ Ontological distinctions via coaching to expand perceptions. Our work distinguishes our “experience of being” to support generative communications and deep listening (Western philosophy).

  2. We employ Developmental Psychology to cultivate vertical awareness. Our work examines ego-consciousness to discern motivation, shadow, worldviews, and belief systems (Western concepts).

  3. We employ Buddhist Psychology to support contemplative practices. Our work develops interdependent awareness to soften ego-attachment and identification that fosters unlearning (Eastern philosophy).

Individual Mentoring

INFO on our Programs

When we hear a Dharma talk or study a sutra, our only job is to remain open. Usually, when we hear or read something new, we just compare it to our own ideas.

If it is the same, we accept it and say that is correct.

If it is not, we say it is incorrect.

In either case, we learn nothing.

If we read or listen with an open mind and an open heart, the rain of the Dharma will penetrate the soil of our consciousness.

—Thich Nhat Hanh