Leadership mentoring begins with listening deeply to integrate learning and wisdom into daily practices to support wholeness.

Wisdom Partner

As a professional, you may have had a coach before and wonder how this will differ. Our work will delve beyond developing competency and achieving goals.

After an initial assessment, we co-create a mentoring program that is a match for your awareness and needs. Integration is key to our mentoring. We integrate Western learning models and Eastern Wisdom practices to deepen your coaching or leadership practice.

Leadership Presence and Renewal

Leadership presence is a function of cultivating space and awareness. We support vertical development to expand conscious leadership through a customized path.

Our portfolio expands the capacity to foster a mindset for learning and unlearning. As your partner, we explore and examine the untapped wisdom already within you.

Premium Program includes 12 to 24 sessions in a one-year learning program.

Vertical Development Assessments

We offer assessments in Vertical Development and Spiritual Intelligence.

  1. Our Vertical Development Profile develops awareness, cultivates spaciousness, and increases capacity for change and complexity.
  2. The SQ21 Survey is a rigorous online self-assessment to identify and assess your Spiritual Intelligence — 21 highly developed and integral skills that identify pathways for expanding being to develop conscious leadership.

See Assessments for more details.



Individual Mentoring • Team Mentoring

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When we hear a Dharma talk or study a sutra, our only job is to remain open. Usually, when we hear or read something new, we just compare it to our own ideas.

If it is the same, we accept it and say that is correct.

If it is not, we say it is incorrect.

In either case, we learn nothing.

If we read or listen with an open mind and an open heart, the rain of the Dharma will penetrate the soil of our consciousness.

—Thich Nhat Hanh