As a leadership learning community, Bhavana Learning Group serves experienced coaches, educators, and executives.

BELONG to a Learning Community that supports practices for conscious leaders, managers, and colleagues.

As part of our Leadership Learning Community, you will connect with other professionals, and research to support your practices, through our:

1. Weekly Practice Field: Exclusive weekly sessions on Sundays for clients to practice together as a Community.

2. Wisdom Weekly, Learning Digest: Curated research, practices, and leadership ideas.

3. Learning Center: Our public center offers you and your colleagues curated articles, papers, books, and practices.

4. Regular blog, Unlearning CurveExplore emerging ideas in learning and leadership development.

5. Monthly Listening Lab: Exclusive monthly sessions on the first Tuesday of the month for graduates of our Deep Listening Program.

6. Access to Think Tank: This exclusive resource offers our original, and curated, research with accessible tools for you, your clients, and colleagues.

7. Join our Learning Community: Become a member of our SLACK Community (below), now forming to accommodate specific interests.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

—Maya Angelou