Spaces that Support Learning in Community

Learn to embody contemplative practices to support coaching and leadership. Share questions and experiences in each community. Gather insights from the community.

  1. The weekly Practice Field sessions on Sundays support our Client Community in developing Contemplative Practices for Conscious Leadership.

  2. The monthly Coaches Salon on the second Tuesday supports our Coaching Community to cultivate a Coaching Mindset.

  3. The monthly Small Sangha supports our Wisdom Community to study and practice Buddhist psychology.

  4. Our Insight & Research offers curated research, papers, books, and reflective practices.

  5. Our 12 Wisdom Practices offers our clients and community practices and resources to increase awareness, support action, and realize possibility.

  6. The Wisdom Weekly, our learning Digest, curates research, practices, and leadership ideas.

  7. The regular blog, Unlearning Curve explores emerging ideas in learning and leadership development.

  8. Become a member of our online Learning Community (below) on SLACK to support your interests.

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To enjoy membership in our online learning community and enable participation, we offer these Community Guidelines. Please review these to enhance your experience.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

—Margaret J. Wheatley

Our Commitment to Dignity and Justice is the foundation of Community.

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