Bhavana Learning Group supports conscious leaders and managers for stewarding learning organizations.


The pace of disruptive technological and organizational change has acutely impacted teaching, learning, and the capacity to integrate wisdom.

We support educators and learning professionals with Eastern practices and wisdom. Our work expands awareness, deepens listening, and cultivates unlearning.

Learning Professionals grow to embody practices to access wisdom for conscious leadership.

Why Work With Us?

We support professionals in becoming grounded through learning and unlearning to cultivate wisdom. Our work dissolves impediments, such as:

  • No time for learning that allows for deeper inquiry beyond a problem-solving paradigm.

  • Confusion in the face of volatile change, content overload, and complexity.

  • Outmoded perceptions without the tools and practices to expand awareness that supports unlearning.

  • Anxiety caused by short-term thinking and fragmented perceptions

  • Uncertainty in the face of systemic change and ambiguity that can find people isolated.

Outcome of Our Work

Our clients report the following results after working with us:

  • Expanded capacity to increase value for others.

  • Increased capacity to create satisfaction with others.

  • Increased autonomy at work with confidence, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

  • More freedom in being with authority, and taking action from personal authority.

  • Cultivated openness for unlearning ideologies that cause inequities.

  • Enhanced ability to cope with conflicts from competitors, employers, and customers.

  • More peace of mind about the future.

  • Less stress and busyness, and more free space and time in daily life.

  • Expanded clarity to perceive situations accurately and to coordinate action effectively.

  • Greater harmony in one’s life as a whole.

“Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.”

—Toni morrison


"Tony has a unique ability to hold the space for whoever and whatever you are working through. He made it safe for me to bring my full vulnerability and unknowing for exploration and play."
- Tina M.Senior Consultant, Organization Systems and Design, Seattle/San Francisco

This MINI-CASE for COACHES to EXPAND SERVICES outlines the story and scope of a client.