Bhavana Learning Group offers a special Listening Lab.

Created for graduates of our deep listening program, we connect monthly.


WHEN: first Tuesday of each month • 12-noon to 1:00 pm (ET). View our Calendar for the next one.

WHERE: Zoom Platform

PROMISE: You will dissolve barriers and discover your natural ability to generate a clearing and openness for possibility.

Inquiry. Practice. Community.

  • Deepen practice to stabilize the foundation for deep listening
  • Discover new ways to observe and deepen distinctions to support your listening.
  • Develop our connection with moment-to-moment experience
  • Discern when concepts mask Experience.
  • Observe which distinctions or practices can bring you closer to your experience.
  • Deepen your relationship with the community to support your coaching or learning career and practice.

DEEP LISTENING: We become the SPACE where clients sort themselves out in language.


Tony Zampella

Brendalyn King



Download our White Paper:  Commitment of Listening

“At its fullest, listening consists of a radical openness of mind, heart, and will that expands awareness of self, focuses attention on others, and generates meaning from deeper intention.”

—Anthony V. Zampella

“For us, there is only the trying. The rest is not our business.”

—T.S. Elliot