Our Team 

The practice and expertise to cultivate consciousness.

Our mentors support coaches, executives, and entrepreneurs in cultivating inner wisdom
to gain clarity, direction, and expanded perspectives for driving effective change.

Tony Zampella, MSOL, CCP

Founder • Wisdom Coach • Guide

We do not change our view; we become the possibility of a new view.”

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Brendalyn King, M.Ed., PCC

Founding Partner • Leadership Coach

We can speak our life into existence. Language is our technology for co-creating reality.”

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Neil Ruiz

Founding Partner • Chief Practice Officer

“Expanding listening and being requires cultivating Space, Stillness, and Silence.

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Heather Wood, CPHR

Assessment Specialist • Practice Guide

As a 20-year veteran of HR consulting, Heather offers assessment products and tools to enhance adult learning, leadership, and executive development.

To deepen our firm’s contemplative learning, Heather studies and practices Buddhist Psychology; she serves as a Practice Guide in our Practice Field.

Vanessa Schuler, MA

Practice Guide

Vanessa Schuler is a Practice Guide for the weekly Practice Field at Bhavana Learning Group.

Vanessa has undergraduate and graduate degrees in music and acting.  A trained Yoga teacher, Vanessa is also an ordained Interfaith minister and has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism for more than two decades.