Our multidisciplinary team has undergone years of rigorous training from a foundation of philosophy, systems thinking, leadership mastery, and contemplative practices.

We embody a regimen of study and practice to deepen our ontological inquiry into the nature of being.

Through deep listening and generative language, we develop practices and deliver services to our clients.

Tony Zampella, MSOL

Chief Learner • Researcher • Learning Designer and Consultant • Coach and Mentor

As an educator, writer, researcher, and developer of leadership programs and practices, I’ve discovered how seemingly basic concepts of Listening and Learning are fundamental to developing Leadership. Without these expanded capacities, we are left only with what we currently know. In this era of disruptive change and increased complexity, knowing is simply not enough.

The three hardest words for leaders to utter are “I don’t know.” Yet, until we become comfortable with not knowing, or unlearning, we cannot fully embrace the freedom embedded in the uncertainty that marks this time in our organizational lives.

Much of my work integrates Buddhist psychology and practices with Western learning methods and models.

Contact TONY at tony@bhavanalg.com


Brendalyn King, M.Ed., PCC

Leadership Coach • Program Director •
Strategic Partnerships • Teacher

BK pic

As co-founder of a charter school in Brooklyn, I discovered first-hand the impact of leadership on cultivating a learning organization for students and staff, parents, and the community. I experienced listening as integral to effective leadership. I bring this commitment to listening as the key source of leadership to my clients, colleagues, and life.

Employing ontological learning, generative language tools, and contemplative practices, I work with high-achieving professionals in expanding their listening and leadership. Clients expand responsibility and experience greater influence, and leadership presence while discovering new balance in their lives.

Much of my commitment involves managing our partnerships and affiliations to support and strengthen the fields of coaching and education.

Contact BRENDALYN at brendalyn@bhavanalg.com


Neil Ruiz

Chief Practice Officer • Mindfulness Teacher •
Client Services •
 Media Manager

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As an operations officer and leader in the U. S. Army, I experienced the impact listening and leading had on individual performance. A commitment to Listening allows us to tap into our own authentic “genius.” I bring this commitment into my life, and to my work.

My training in the art and practice of mindfulness supports individuals and groups, and am pleased to work with beginners to establish a daily mindfulness practice. I also lead our firm’s weekly Practice Field to support clients in developing a contemplative practice.

Much of my commitment also involves managing our client experience as members of our learning community at Bhavana Learning Group.

Contact NEIL at neil@bhavanalg.com


Heather Wood, CPHR

Specialist, Executive Assessment Products & Services  • Practice Guide

heather wood Executive Assessment Products & Services

As a 20-year veteran of HR consulting, I understand the value and impact of quality assessment tools on professional development.

My work with Bhavana Learning Group is dedicated to offering assessment products and tools to enhance adult learning, leadership, and executive development. Our customized assessment tools serve coaches, leaders, educators, executives, and their teams and cultures.

To deepen our firm’s contemplative learning, I study and practice Buddhist Psychology and serve as a Practice Guide to facilitate meditation practice for our client community.

Contact HEATHER at heather@bhavanalg.com