Our practice and research focus on conscious leadership to evolve organizational cultures and business practices.


We view human evolution as moving inward, toward increasing human consciousness. We embrace this view to deepen listening and learning that cultivates conscious leadership and business.


Our firm works with experienced coaches, educators, and executives to explore methods of learning and unlearning that cultivate listening and wisdom. At this time of disruptive change and intense anxiety, we believe that leadership and learning demand greater wisdom.

Our three-dimensional approach explores the nature of being to expand mindsets through contemplative practices to support increased awareness and action.


Bhāvanā is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “to seed,” or “to cultivate”—derived from “Bhava” which means “being, a state of body or mind.” The Buddha himself chose the word Bhāvanā to describe a process of cultivation: the development of particular mental qualities such as imagination and awareness directed toward intentional change – through what we know today as meditation leading to mindfulness. Our 12 Practices detail this cultivation.

At Bhavana Learning Group, we view our work as grounded in a commitment of becoming. We support learners in cultivating awareness and seeding intentional change as they grow the leadership to serve their colleagues and cultures.

See This STORY for details on the evolution of our firm.


These eight values and practices support our commitment to conscious leadership

  1. Honor agreements and commitments with integrity and impeccability.
  2. Express truthfulness in all communication and action.
  3. Listen with intention and compassion.
  4. Honor human concerns ahead of material needs.
  5. Honor sentient beings, and our planet in all decisions and strategies.
  6. Honor and own emotions in all interactions.
  7. Engage intentional speaking and action in all interactions.
  8. Place learning ahead of knowing, willing to question assumptions through practice and humility.

Our 12 Practices cultivate the learning and unlearning for developing conscious leadership.


Bhavana Learning Group enjoys membership or association with the following organizations and networks:

  • Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO)
  • Consciousness Leaders
  • Education Leaders of Color (Edloc.org)
  • Gay Coaches Alliance (GCA)
  • Integral Life
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science
  • New York Insight Meditation Center
  • Ontological Design Community (ODC)
  • Shambhala Meditation Center of New York
  • Spiritual Intelligence (Deep Change)
  • Tibet House U.S. Cultural Center


"Tony brings together knowledge from diverse schools, ranging from classical business school literature to eastern philosophy to psycholinguistics. For me, he was able to expertly draw from many different traditions, weaving together a tapestry of understanding that was fit for my particular situation and what I was trying to accomplish."
- Tim R.Founding CEO Vium, Silicon Valley, CA
"As a consultant of executive leadership work, I think through high levels of complexity and ambiguity. I was met fully by Tony as a thought partner and coach. Tony can go to 10,000 feet with me in unraveling my challenges and thought patterns and then land me safely back into actions and practices. His ability to hold space for me was a huge gift which impacted over 10,000 employees during our time together. I have used some of Tony's models and resources with senior executives at my client sites."
- Tina M.Senior Consultant, Organization Systems and Design, Seattle/San Francisco
"Through Tony’s guidance, mentoring, teaching, and coaching … I shifted from a 'leadership of one' to a deep commitment to leading together with those around me – a leadership of accountability and empowerment, of 'we'."
- Claudia C.Director, state public health agency with $65 million budget, 75 staff, six managers.
"Tony quickly addressed perceptions I'd avoided to cause long-term results. Weight dropped: 209 to 185lbs. Revenue increased: $20,174 in 2013 to $207,690 in 2017. I now serve as a COO and Senior Exec, Coach."
- Scott C.Senior Leadership Coach at Awesome Journey, Calgary Canada.
Tony has a unique ability to listen not just to what is being said, but also to what is not being said. He brings a diverse background in leadership training and has special skills that allow him to drill down to the essence of an issue.
- John R.NYC, SNL Digital Shorts, Director of Photography, Founder, Rosey Media LLC.
I was introduced to a new way of thinking about myself, my thought processes, and my interactions with others in ways I had never known or heard of through a multifaceted methodical process termed “Ontological Learning.”
- Rich B.Phoenix, AZ Recording Studio Designer
I worked with Zampella Group at a time when it was essential for me to create a new opening in my life for a career that suited who I am. With careful and thoughtful questioning, I was able to discern many common fears that held me back.
- Sabrina D.W.NYC, Site Director, New Haven Reads
Conscious Leaders