Our ontological coaching model cultivates conscious leadership.

Individual Coaching

Coaching means different things to different people. For us at Bhavana Learning Group, the art of coaching:

  • Involves a commitment to the art of conversation, dialogue, and inquiry.

  • Unlocks the potential of generative conversations with distinctions and practices that expand awareness and deepen listening.

  • Creates space for clients to sort themselves out to surface priorities and discover deeper truths.

  • Expands perceptions to reveal our conditioning, worldviews, and blind spots,

  • Cultivates possibility from an authentic commitment.

Through our ontological coaching model, we cultivate a learning mindset that bridges our Reactive Self and our Creative Self to navigate uncertainty and complexity.

  • We expand our capacity to give and receive constructive feedback.

  • We discover patterns that impede effective coordination to collaborate.

  • We create time to cultivate and express ideas to expand our influence.

Coaching Agreements include 36 to 48 sessions in a one-year learning program.

Why Work With Us?

Our work involves an ontological coaching model with Buddhist Psychology. We develop grounding, expand awareness, and deepen listening and presence to discern systemic views and experiences.

We support professionals seeking to leverage the wisdom to cultivate learning and unlearning. Our work dissolves impediments, such as:

  • No time for learning that allows for deeper inquiry beyond a problem-solving paradigm.

  • Confusion in the face of volatile change, content overload, and complexity.

  • Outmoded perceptions without the tools and practices to expand awareness that supports unlearning.

  • Anxiety caused by short-term thinking and fragmented perceptions

  • Uncertainty in the face of systemic change and ambiguity that can find people isolated.


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