The topic of leadership development, today, is full of many expert opinions, research, and thinking. After exploring the field, professionally and academically, since 1999, we present work that has stood the test of time. These philosophers, thinkers, and researchers continue to further this inquiry in a rigorous manner. We support professional development of leaders through systems thinking research and ontological learning resources.

To clarify expectations we have identified some resources by levels of reading accessibility as follows:

Zampella-Group-Learning-Center-R1_12Accessible Reading (Readable; introduces one or two new concepts.)

Zampella-Group-Learning-Center-R1_15Intermediate Reading (Includes deepening and application of concepts.)

Zampella-Group-Learning-Center-R1_17Advanced Reading (In-depth grasp of topics, engaged at a new level.)


“In every field, discipline, artistic endeavor, and business, leaders act, while others speculate, evaluate, explain, assess, complain, etc. Without the ability to act, leaders cannot serve.”

ebook, Basics of Generative Language

The ebook, “Basics of Generative Language” introduces specific linguistic acts and practices.

This book is made available to support learners in applying the work by Anthony V. Zampella, which explores the ontology of language.

Mr. Zampella’s work is dedicated to accessing and unlocking the hidden generative (creative) properties in language. These properties and practices support individuals and organizations in shifting how they perceive their lives and interpret their environments.

Zampella-Group-Learning-Center-R1_12Accessible Reading