Bhavana Learning Group offers a weekly Practice Field.

Serving our Client Community

On February 3, 2019, Bhavana Learning Group launched a weekly one-hour Practice Field for our client community to deepen their practices and develop community.

Time: The Practice Field is held for one hour every Sunday at 10 am (ET).

Where: Zoom Platform.

Requirement: Our firm’s current or former clients or former students from our programs.

Guiding Inquiry

To learn to recognize awareness, and use our recognition of awareness to become intimate with our mind. Then bring the qualities of our mind to our post-meditation life. —Tony Zampella

The Process.

During each one-hour session, participants learn to embody contemplative practices and gather insights from the community.

Each week a guide will lead a practice and facilitate:

  • Participating in a 15-minute meditation to deepen our contemplative practices.
  • Sharing the experiences from that exercise.
  • Exploring practices in our lives and sharing questions and successes with the group.
  • On occasion, a wisdom teaching is presented.


Director, Neil Ruiz; Teacher, Tony Zampella

Guides: Brendalyn King, Vanessa Schuler, and Heather Wood.

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. —THICH NHAT HANH

To develop and support your Practice Journey

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How Learners Experience the Practice Field

— The Practice Field is the best Sangha for anyone beginning to form their meditation practice. The benefits I have taken away show up in my work with clients and have a ripple effect on my interactions with others. Specifically, focusing on the 7 points of my posture allows me to bring a framework from mindfulness into the small moments of my day-to-day life. – member since 2019

— It’s opened me up to practicing in community, to being with others in a new and different way, and given me a consistent place for exploring and deepening my practice. – member since 2022

— The structure of the field allows for two kinds of learning for me. One that comes from repeating the view and parties each week. Allowing for seeing beyond a cursory interaction. The second comes from listening to others’ experiences and TZ’s periodic teaching. Both of these stretch my understanding. – member since 2022

— The PF has created and supported a weekly ritual for me. It has expanded my meditation practice and provides grounding in my week – like a cross-over point to complete the last week and design the upcoming week. – member since 2019

— I am so grateful for the members of the Practice Field Community. I look forward to practicing, connecting, and learning with them weekly and sharing experiences and discoveries in a supportive environment. – member since 2019

— The PF supports me in the practice of coming back and expanding my awareness. It provides me a place to practice the dharma and deepen our Buddhist psychology studies. – member since 2019

— I use the memory of the experience with my work with clients. The caring calmness, the expressed experiences of positive impact on the individuals in the weekly group are often in my awareness during the week while I’m coaching clients.  Taking a breath, what am I noticing? What is the client noticing? This invites a reset of points of view. – member since 2020

— I find meditation and mindfulness to be mostly solitary endeavors. The Practice Field provides a community that holds me in my practice. – member since 2021

— Since joining the Practice Field, I have a higher level of awareness when it comes to thoughts, feelings, and internal experiences throughout my day-to-day living. I notice quickly when I am distracted and make time between activities and engagements to sit and spend time with myself, whether for a few deep breaths or a longer meditation. – member since 2021

— My relationship with my inner self is deepening, and I feel more present than ever before. – member since 2021

— “The community, the commitment, and the intention of this practice is a rare find. Certainly, a unique opportunity for anyone looking to expand their effectiveness in all areas of their life” – member since 2019

— It has also provided me the opportunity and space to lead meditations and expand my competency and practice. – member since 2019

To enjoy membership in our online learning community and enable participation, we offer these Community Guidelines and the following: