Bhavana Learning Group offers a weekly Practice Field.

The notion of Practice, especially Group Practice is new to Western learning. Our “Practice Field” deepens listening and contemplation, supporting our Clients to practice in Community.


On February 3, 2019, we began a weekly one-hour Practice Field for our client community to deepen their practices and develop community.

We learn to use our breath and body to access wisdom and practices in everyday life.

  • Learn techniques to access wisdom for centering, pausing, concentrating, and practicing mindfulness.
  • These techniques cultivate focus and creativity and allow us to live intentionally with a calm presence.
  • Discover how these practices cultivate learning and help us move through feelings of loneliness and isolation in our organizations.

Time: The Practice Field is held for one hour, every Sunday at 10:00 am (EST).

Where: Zoom Platform.

Requirement: Current or former clients of our firm, or former students in any of our multi-course programs.

Intention: To tune in to a “field” of practice in our everyday lives.

Purpose: Develop the awareness for trusting direct perception – increasingly – more than they relying on conceptual constructs.

Practice Field Guides.

  • The director of the Practice Field is Neil Ruiz.
  • Guides include Brendalyn King, Heather Wood, and Tony Zampella.

The Process.

Participants in the one-hour session will learn to embody contemplative practices by sharing experiences and discerning real-life situations, bringing questions for the group, and gathering insights from the community.

Each week a guide will lead a practice and facilitate:

  • Participating in a 15-minute meditation to deepen our contemplative practices.
  • Sharing the direct experiences from that exercise.
  • Exploring practices in our lives and share questions and successes with the group.
  • On occasion a wisdom teaching is presented.

“How do you best move toward mastery? To put it simply, you practice diligently, but you practice primarily for the sake of the practice itself.

If you’re planning to embark on a master’s journey, you might find yourself bucking current trends in American life. Our hyped-up consumerist society is engaged, in fact, in an all-out war on mastery.”

George Leonard, 1992,

Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment