What is Mentoring?

Learning That Expands Being

At Bhavana Learning Group, our mentoring process involves trained, experienced, and trusted guides who offer various services, practices, and resources to focus on specific areas of development.

Our mentors are skilled at integrating knowledge, wisdom, and practice from various sources and traditions. 

Blended Service

Our mentoring includes the following services for our current state of volatility.

  1. COACHING: Cultivate possibility by listening deeply to enhance communication and performance.
  2. TEACHING: Expand thinking through new concepts, resources, and studies.
  3. TRAINING: Develop skillful means through building new practices and habits.
  4. STRATEGIST: Provide research and resources to clarify direction for a declared future.
  5. GUIDE: Gain clarity and expand perspective to unlearn outmoded views and deepen purpose.

Our mentoring services support you in becoming grounded with Personal Mastery, becoming connected with Leadership Mastery, and becoming whole with Spiritual Development, as detailed below.

Personal Mastery

Develop practices to prioritize commitments

Becoming Grounded

Greater distraction and frazzled attention have become commonplace, causing us to be over-extended and drained. We become ungrounded.

Our contemplative learning model uncovers the source of feeling ungrounded, overwhelmed, and fragmented—just surviving each day, which describes our current human condition.

As your guides to self-discovery, reflective practices help you confront the blind spots that undermine your best intentions and efforts.

Embodied practices support recognizing habitual patterns to become more intentional. You will learn to navigate content overload, prioritize commitments, and become less reactive to support enhanced autonomy and agency.

  • View our vertical mindset survey, which focuses beyond skills, competencies, and goals to identify stages of awareness and develop perspective-building capacity. 

Leadership Mastery

Expand capacity, clarity, and creativity

Becoming Connected

Volatile levels of change and increasing complexity undermine our leadership, leaving us isolated, unaligned, and disoriented. We feel disconnected.

From emerging and advancing leaders to organizational leaders, our mentoring services and practices increase your leadership capacity. Greater awareness, integrity, and trust become your source for creating change.

Our contemplative learning model cultivates inner wisdom to gain clarity and direction for effective decision-making.

  • See our Assessment Portfolio to suport 360 Assessment and Vertical Development.
  • With deep listening and intentional speaking, your leadership expands to collaborate and co-create.

Deep Listening

The art of Deep Listening evokes awareness, cultivates presence, and develops trust and intimacy!

Through individual training or team workshops, we cultivate listening practices that support awareness, connection, and presence to expand openness.

Generative Communications

Generative Communication unlocks being human to generate mutual commitments and shared meaning.

Through individual training or team workshops, generative skills and practices support accountability and connection to collaborate and expand possibility.

Spiritual Awareness

Deepen intuitive self to expand wisdom

Becoming Whole

We’re experiencing a crisis of meaning, an existential crisis, believing life is inherently pointless. We are left fragmented, lost, and deeply confused. We feel incomplete.

Through practice, study, and self-discovery, we invite you to reclaim yourself through greater awareness and clarity. With openness and compassion, you will gain insights and clarity to cultivate wholeness.

Our contemplative learning supports study and practice to develop inner wisdom for cultivating intuition and presence.

Assessment Survey

  • Spiritual Intelligence (SQ21) Self-Assessment Survey
  • The SQ21 Survey explores the development of Spiritual Intelligence.