Bhavana Learning Group offers “Small Sangha” for anyone interested in the study and practice of Buddhist psychology

Welcome to Small Sangha, Serving our Wisdom Community 

Guiding Inquiry

To discern the nature of reality as impermanent, complex, and interdependent (mutually dependent on multiple causes and conditions) and to bring spaciousness to the solid, separate, independent, and conditioned self. Then bring this awareness to our life. —Tony Zampella

In 2023, members will have the option of exploring two tracks of study and practice. Click on each track below for details:

Our fees are based on your needs, interests, and commitments.

Those interested in learning in community will pay the Base rate. We thank those who subsidize others’ learning by contributing at the Sustaining level.  We appreciate those supporting our sangha’s efforts and others’ learning by contributing at the Benefactor level. If anyone has needs, please select Scholarship rate in the registration form and fill out the two questions.

Fee levels for both Tracks

  1. Benefactor Level (to subsidize and support Sangha activities): $1000 annually 
  2. Sustaining Level (to subsidize others): $600 annually 
  3. Base Rate: $420 annually 
  4. Scholarship Rate: $250 annually

Our mode of payment is found on the registration page.

Wisdom. Practice. Community.

To study, practice, and learn to discern the Buddhist psychology and wisdom at the heart of the dharma.

Faculty: Tony Zampella

For information on the Small Sangha, contact

Supporting our Wisdom Community

Study Wisdom from Buddhist Psychology.

Review our Commitment to Buddhist Psychology and Wisdom

Feel free to explore our other Communities of Practice 

Supporting our Coaching Community.

Cultivate a Coaching Mindset via Deep Listening Practices.

Supporting our Client Community

Develop Contemplative Practices for Conscious Leadership.

To enable participation, we offer these Community Guidelines. Please review to enhance your online community experience.

  1. We also offer Community Resources to support practices for conscious leaders and learners.
  2. We share our Commitment to Dignity and Justice as the foundation of Community.
  3. We share our Commitment to Buddhist Psychology that instills our mission to bring wisdom to learning.