Art of Inquiry – Thinking Inside of Wholes

New Perspectives, Practices, and Possibilities.

  • What does it mean to “live in the question?

  • How can ordinary situations invite us to expand perspectives and deepen understanding?

  • As technology, culture, and knowledge develop, how can we evolve to expand, include, and unlearn?

Our Inquiry involves a blend of philosophy, intellectual rigor, psychology, and practice.

Our Goal involves 1) expanding minds to include more perspectives, and 2) developing a framework for discriminating awareness.

Join this Inquiry, designed for 10 learners, to study and practice with Tony Zampella.

Our conversation will unfold over four 2-hour sessions on Fridays from 12 to 2 pm ET as follows:

  • Sep. 16,

  • Oct. 14,

  • Nov. 11,

  • Dec. 9.

Tuition: $750.00

Register by July 1, 2022

Prerequisite: Graduates of our Deep Listening Program or individual clients.

Interested participants should email Tony Zampella directly at:

We will publish an outline and reading list by May 1, 2022

Feel free to contact Tony Zampella personally at