Bhavana Learning Group supports experienced coaches in becoming systems thinkers and conscious leaders.

Experienced COACHES

Coaching means different things to different people. For us at Bhavana Learning Group, the act of coaching:

— Involves a commitment to the art of conversation, dialogue, and inquiry.

— Unlocks the potential of conversations. Our distinctions and practices expand awareness, listening, and inquiry.

— Creates space for clients to sort themselves out and discover their deeper truths.

— Explores being human to reveal our conditioning, worldviews, and blind spots, cultivating possibility from an authentic commitment.

We support experienced coaches in developing their coaching practice and expanding their service portfolio. Coaches embody practices that access being and cultivate the wisdom for conscious leadership.

Developing a Coaching Mindset

We work with coaches to cultivate an Interdependent Awareness that deepens presence. Our work with coaches expands consciousness to develop a spacious, flexible, and grounded coaching mindset to serve clients. The qualities of the coaching mindset support:

  1. Remaining a focused observer, related, and responsive to the client.
  2. Demonstrating openness and curiosity during the coaching process.
  3. Managing one’s arising emotions to stay present with the client.
  4. Demonstrating clarity in working with strong client emotions and differing perspectives during the coaching process.
  5. Experiencing non-reactive (relaxed) awareness to explore a space of not knowing and ambiguity.
  6. Co-creating or allowing space for silence, pausing, or reflection.

We serve coaches by integrating Eastern wisdom practices with Western learning methods.

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“Be the change you want to see.”


This MINI-CASE for COACHES to EXPAND SERVICES outlines the story and scope of a client.

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