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Lessons from my first Stand-up Routine

NOTE: The following post, from my colleague Neil Ruiz, reveals what it’s like to marshal the courage to act in the face of fear — to his own surprise. —TZ



For a couple years now, I’ve wanted to do a stand-up comedy routine. Not sure why, but I had this desire. Then, during our team retreat last June, as we went over our 12-month goals, I declared to my colleagues: “I will do a stand-up routine in the next year.” Just spitting it out made it real, made me hear DOWNLOAD PDF

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Summer Reads; Venturing East

In 1999, research and enduring questions pulled me East in study and practice. The turn of the century was for me the turn of a leaf. I kept coming across terms and concepts from the East that better described my experiences. Authors, thinkers, and mentors introduced concepts such as suffering (beyond a diagnosis), unlearningintention, awareness, nonduality, internal states, emptiness, impermanence, attachment, letting go, commitment, compassion, wisdom, being present, being versus doing — all ideas that motivated my journey East to Buddhism.

Opening to the East

Venturing East — in study and practice — opened me to a fuller understanding of the DOWNLOAD PDF

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New Year: Make Time for Beginner’s Mind

Perhaps an overlooked item in times of change is to acknowledge what seems obvious: in an ever-changing world, we are all beginners.

Yet, most struggle to embrace the mind of a beginner – or what Zen Buddhists call our Beginner’s Mind – to approach life as a beginner. I offer a taste of this philosophy in this short video clip by Jon Kabat-Zinn

As a coach, mentor, researcher, and even professor, I’ve witnessed adult learners and leaders struggle with the notion of being a beginner. Worse yet, I’ve seen instructors DOWNLOAD PDF

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