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Are You a Jet Skier or Scuba Diver?

By Tony V. Zampella, Designer of Learning Programs

Take a look at the image of this blog. The Jet Skier, skating atop waves that cover vast space at an incredible speed. Imagine how exciting and stimulating this must be. Then witness the scuba diver whose deep world reveals new colors, life, plants, and mysteries that take your breath away.

Each experience offers wonder, challenging our view of reality.

To appreciate our world requires both views: the deep dive and the skimmed surface. The nature of our information age, however, has captivated us with incredible speed. We were never conditioned or socialized to absorb DOWNLOAD PDF

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Reclaiming our Disappearing Spaces

By Tony V. Zampella, Designer of Learning Programs

We often attribute being drained, exhausted, or overwhelmed to how we leverage our time in a 24/7 world. Ultimately, we experience anxiety, sleepless nights, and restlessness.

Time, of course, remains the same, but our perception of it has shifted these last few decades as conventional boundaries disappear.

Consider that 30 years ago, kids talked on the phone, watched TV, and played video games. We bemoaned such activities but were comforted in knowing that each was limited to physical spaces. Phones tethered by cords in bedrooms, games housed in machines at arcades, TV’s in consoles in DOWNLOAD PDF

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Our Worn-out Worldview (part 1)

By Tony V. Zampella, CEO and Designer at Bhavana Learning Group

This last week political and social commentator, David Brooks, leveraged our presidential campaign to explore some of our deeper social problems. The ideas deserve the deliberation of a couple of posts. In this post, I will explore our “national story” or identity, and next week I will explore how our worldview informs our leadership.

Brooks, who has connected discoveries in neuroscience with social policy, perhaps unwittingly, is confronting our fundamental Western identity. He invites scrutiny of our national story – the rugged individual, coming from rags to DOWNLOAD PDF

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