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2020 Marks 20 Years of Learning and Change

It happened 20 years ago this month. I was teaching graduate students full-time in organizational leadership, and one of my students made me an offer. He wanted to use some of our course work to expand leadership in his vast public healthcare network.

Leaping from academics to consulting revealed a steep learning curve. First off, I had no company. The following journey offers an overall report of our discoveries and some emerging and enduring questions.

Phase One: Leap and Learn

On January 15, 2000, I created Leadership Innovations, Inc. In doing DOWNLOAD PDF

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Integral Development Domains

Our last blog introduced four meta-principles to design learning. In this post, I will explore four domains of human development: waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up. The meta-principles in our last blog can serve as a “background of wisdom” for these four domains.

First-Person, Intersubjective View

Before we begin, a note about development. We maintain that development today—given the pace of change and levels of complexity—demands deep learning, the kind that impacts a learner in a first-person way. This “first-person” experience is both immediate and “close to me.”

Briefly, third-person learning focuses on “them” and “it” DOWNLOAD PDF

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Engaging the Paradox of Learning

These times demand life-long learning from wisdom. Let’s consider how learning exists today. We often interact with three versions such as training, education, and development, each with a focus and purpose.

  • Training focuses on repetitive tasks to build new habits or skills;
  • education focuses on studying research and topics to expand knowledge; and,
  • development focuses on increasing capacity to expand our views (mindsets), often in unpredictable ways.

Developmental learning integrates all three of these focuses and involves another element: unlearning. This requires challenging assumptions and beliefs and releasing outmoded views.

Developmental DOWNLOAD PDF

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