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To Error or Not to Error

By Tony V. Zampella, designer of learning programs

To error is human and, well … to be human is to error.

Errors happen.

Errors are data. They reveal whether we hit or missed our mark.

imgresIndeed the word error comes from the same etymology as “sin,” which came from spear throwing. The Hebrew term “sin” originates in archery and literally refers to missing the “gold” at the center of a target, but hitting the target, i.e. to sin or error.

To error is ordinary, even necessary as it reveals whether we hit or DOWNLOAD PDF

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In the Power of Presence

By Tony V. Zampella, designer of learning programs

Presence is the possibility of being open and available in each moment. Such openness brings to each moment our whole being: our body and its senses; our mind, perceptions and attitudes; and our intentions and aspiration. We are clear in ways that allow things to bestow themselves on us.

The presence of life exists for us all the time. Strolling through a bookstore, I can pick up a new book, and stumble by chance on other titles that move me and provoke ideas. As we move more of our lives online, we may lose DOWNLOAD PDF

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Are You a Jet Skier or Scuba Diver?

By Tony V. Zampella, Designer of Learning Programs

Take a look at the image of this blog. The Jet Skier, skating atop waves that cover vast space at an incredible speed. Imagine how exciting and stimulating this must be. Then witness the scuba diver whose deep world reveals new colors, life, plants, and mysteries that take your breath away.

Each experience offers wonder, challenging our view of reality.

To appreciate our world requires both views: the deep dive and the skimmed surface. The nature of our information age, however, has captivated us with incredible speed. We were never conditioned or socialized to absorb DOWNLOAD PDF

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