#MeToo, #TimesUp, Star Wars: Women Lead Forth

2017 began with a Women’s March, which poured half a million citizens into our nation’s capital, with 408 simultaneous marches nationwide and another 168 in 81 countries. It’s clear that these scenes empowered and awakened many. And to celebrate its first year anniversary this week, we witnessed more than 2 million women and supporters marching again in 700 cities worldwide.

#MeToo: Moment to Movement

Shortly after last year’s march, I wrote a blog post titled “Uber Crashes into the Third Wave,” which detailed our cultural shifts in organizational life. Among the dirt DOWNLOAD PDF

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Trump’s Leadership Mindset: Is It “Presidential”?

October 20 marked nine months since our new president took office. The news, popular culture, and political observers have either labeled him fascist and authoritarian, destructive and impulsive, or strong and bold. These responses typically speak to a political style or personality, rather than a leadership mindset. Exploring mindsets provides a comprehensive view of the assumptions, attitudes, and perspectives that shape leadership capacity, and focus management decisions, which account for multiple styles.

To engage this assessment into Donald Trump’s leadership mindset, I have considered his business history, behavior, actions, several biographies, and public statements.

Stages of Development

Mindsets grow out of DOWNLOAD PDF

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The Measure of Happiness

When I was a young boy in the early 70’s, all the cheap toys were stamped “made in Japan.” A decade later that same stamp marked a seal of quality.

As a young adult, I lived in a nation that boasted the best education system in the world, and superior healthcare that drew people to America. A decade later, approaching middle age, I settled for falling educational achievements and woke to a lumbering healthcare system that offered little care, higher costs, and no quantifiable standards.

But alas, by the turn of the century, surely, we had mastered the “happiness” metric. We were DOWNLOAD PDF

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