Usha Rungoo

The practice of “Completing my day” was a revelation. This allowed me to take stock of what needed to be done and put it out of my mind.

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Amal S.

Bhavana Learning Group has a unique way of cultivating community learning. Their work is human-centric and focuses on your experience of “being” as a human. Regardless of your issue or topic, you will discover new perceptions and practices to  support your growth. The key is to be flexible and patient as their learning method is gradual and steady which doesn’t produce results overnight. This learning is designed for a long-term transformation to enable living consciously. I suggest bringing your beginner’s mind and embracing the wonder, fun, and curiosity of a child!

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Cristina Cross

This experience with Brendalyn exceeded my expectations. Not only was I able to design a plan that helped me effectively navigate my first year on the tenure track, I developed lasting skills that I will carry with me throughout my professional career. The Bhavana Coaching Experience sees clients as full persons and works to help them achieve a sense of harmony between the personal and the professional.

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