We offer assessments and vertical development to develop conscious leadership and cultivate learning cultures.

Vertical Development

Our typical learning and developmental models focus on content, competency, and goals. This represents horizontal or lateral development, an approach that optimizes the knowledge and processes in the prevailing paradigm.

Vertical development increases the spaciousness and awareness that cultivates emerging paradigms. This approach increases the capacity to create contexts for perspective-building. Vertical growth increases our capacity to learn, unlearn, and integrate greater levels of complexity and change.

Our Vertical Development Profile develops awareness, cultivates spaciousness, and increases capacity for change and complexity.

Five Reasons to Engage a Vertical Developmental Approach

  1. Conscious Leaders evolve through the Vertical Stages, expanding their ability to flourish in greater complexity. Vertical development expands awareness and insight, offering more choices for timely action.
  2. Strengthen the Foundation for Vertical Growth. Like children, leaders go through stages of development. We take the very latest research in adult developmental stages and apply it to increase leadership capacity. Guided in a circular spiral, we strengthen previous stages to expand your foundation for later stages of leadership development.
  3. Leadership Development is three-dimensional. For years leadership development has focussed on skills and knowledge. More recently, it has focused on personality and emotional intelligence. The Action Logic of the leader adds a third dimension that offers the fullest view for cultivating conscious leaders.
  4. Learning Leaders create sustainable change. Introducing a Vertical Frame for leaders can awaken a passion to grow and develop with continuous learning and unlearning that cultivates sustainable change.
  5. Beyond the Individual. The Vertical Lens ventures beyond the individual leader. Organizations have an Action Logic from which they operate – their culture. Culture can become a barrier to the organization realizing its potential unless we can learn to discern and cultivate it.

We integrate knowledge on Vertical Development from research by Ken Wilber (Integral Theory), Don Beck/Clare Graves (Spiral Dynamics), Susanne Cook-Greuter (self-identity), Jane Lovinger/Erik Erikson (ego development), Robert Kegan (adult development), and Bill Tobert (action logic).

Spiritual Intelligence — SQ21

Developing Conscious Leadership begins with rigorous assessment, study, and practice. Our second assessment invites those ready to deepen their Spiritual Intelligence. The SQ21 Survey explores four areas:

        • Develop Higher Self via self-Awareness
        • Cultivate Universal Awareness
        • Develop Higher Self via self-Mastery
        • Deepen Spiritual Presence and Social Mastery

We identify and assess what is termed Spiritual Intelligence (SQ21). This involves 21 highly researched, developed, and integral skills that identify pathways for cultivating being to develop conscious leadership.

  1. Create a comprehensive developmental profile.
  2. Identify and develop the 21 skills identified with Spiritual Intelligence to deepen consciousness.
  3. Develop a pathway of study and practices to prioritize your learning.
  4. Bring practical everyday perspectives and practices to your life and your work.



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