We offer self-assessments, 360° assessments, and vertical assessments to develop conscious leadership.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° Assessment

The Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) and 360° Assessment is a well-researched battery of competencies with underlying motivations and habits of thought. It reveals the relationship between patterns of behavior and the internal assumptions that drive behavior. LCP goes to the source of action to get greater leverage on change.

FOCUS: To identify capacity and develop competency for leadership effectiveness.

  1. Executive Leadership: Full array of competencies to support larger leadership platforms with greater responsibilities and role complexity. Designed for executives and leaders charged with articulating the organization’s overarching strategic direction, such as purpose, vision, or desired future for accomplishing organizational goals.
  2. Managers/Emerging Leaders: Scaled back competencies support supervisors or project managers with a smaller leadership footprint and role complexity. Translating direction and execution in a localized framework of purpose, vision, and strategies with goals, and metrics for their level of responsibility.

Pricing for Assessment includes:

  • Online 360-degree Assessment
  • Report
  • 2-hour debrief and goal-setting session

— Inquire about an additional 4-session coaching package available.

— Group reports are available for an extra fee.

LEAD Consultant: Heather Wood, CPHR

We also offer a third Leadership Circle profile: The Collective Leadership Assessment™ to deliver a powerful “litmus” test of your collective leadership effectiveness. Used for your entire organization, or just a leadership team, the Collective Leadership Assessment reveals valuable data for targeted leadership development.

FOCUS: To identify team gaps and develop competency for collective leadership effectiveness in a larger context.

  • The data presents a “gap” between the current state and the desired outcome for collective leadership development.
  • The Assessment instrument shows how people view their current leadership culture and compares that reality to the optimal culture they desire.
  • The Collective Leadership Assessment also measures and compares your collective leadership effectiveness to that of other organizations.

Pricing for the Collective Leadership Assessment™ is determined by the size of the group and desired outcomes.

LEAD Consultant: Heather Wood, CPHR

* The Leadership Circle Profile™ and the Collective Leadership Assessment™, are created and owned by The Leadership Circle®

The Korn Ferry 360° Feedback Assessment

The KF360 is an online research-validated 360° Feedback Assessment that provides participants with a powerful tool, supporting two approaches: competency-based and behavior-based. Both approaches are supported by the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ (KFLA), which allows you to design the content with competencies that are specific to your organization.

FOCUS: To identify capacity and develop competency for a wide array of management competencies and leadership effectiveness.

The survey includes 38 competencies, broken down into four categories — Thoughts, Results, People, and Self — revealing competencies that identify strengths and opportunities for potential development needs. To enhance these competencies, Korn Ferry also measures 10 Career Stallers and Stoppers, behavioral factors that can undermine leadership performance.

The Korn Ferry 360 reveals:

  • How a Participant’s job behaviors are perceived by others.
  • Which of these behaviors are considered important for future leadership effectiveness.
  • How the ratings from multi-rater others compare to his/her self-ratings.
  • Identify blind spots and hidden strengths to develop competencies for becoming a more effective leader, manager, and team contributor.

This survey includes:

  • Online 360-degree Assessment
  • Report
  • 2-hour Debrief and Goal Setting Session

— Team reports are available for an extra fee.

LEAD Consultant: Heather Wood, CPHR

Vertical Mindset Survey: Self-Assessment

Our vertical mindset survey focuses beyond skills, competencies, and goals to identify stages of awareness and develop perspective-building capacity. Vertical development increases our capacity to learn, unlearn, and integrate greater levels of complexity and change. Our Self-Assessment Profile (GLA) surveys for Stages of Development to develop awareness and increase capacity for change and complexity.

FOCUS: To identify emerging mindsets for (vertical) development that increases leadership capacity.

  1. Conscious Leaders evolve through the Vertical Stages, expanding their ability to flourish in greater complexity. Vertical development expands awareness and insight, offering more choices for timely action.
  2. Strengthen the Foundation for Vertical Growth. Like children, leaders go through stages of development. We take the latest research in adult developmental stages and apply it to increase leadership capacity. Guided in a circular spiral, we strengthen previous stages to expand your foundation for later stages of leadership development.
  3. Leadership Development is three-dimensional. For years leadership development has focused on skills and knowledge. More recently, it has focused on personality and emotional intelligence. The Action Logic of the leader adds a third dimension that offers the fullest view for cultivating conscious leaders.
  4. Learning Leaders create sustainable change. Introducing a Vertical Frame for leaders can awaken a passion for growing and developing with continuous learning and unlearning that cultivates sustainable change.
  5. Beyond the Individual. The Vertical Lens ventures beyond the individual leader. Organizations have an Action Logic from which they operate – their culture. Culture can become a barrier to realizing its potential unless we can learn to discern and cultivate it.

We integrate knowledge on Vertical Development from research by Ken Wilber (Integral Theory), Don Beck/Clare Graves (Spiral Dynamics), Susanne Cook-Greuter (self-identity), Jane Lovinger/Erik Erikson (ego development), Robert Kegan (adult development), and Bill Tobert (action logic).

LEAD Consultant: Brendalyn King, M.Ed, PCC

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ21) Self-Assessment Survey

Developing Conscious Leadership begins with rigorous assessment, study, and practice. Our second Self-Assessment instrument surveys individuals ready to deepen their Spiritual Intelligence. The SQ21 Survey explores four areas:

  • Develop higher self via self-awareness
  • Cultivate universal awareness
  • Develop higher self via personal mastery
  • Deepen spiritual presence and social mastery

FOCUS: To identify and assess competencies for developing spiritual intelligence, and bringing greater consciousness to leadership effectiveness.

We identify and assess what is termed Spiritual Intelligence (SQ21). This involves 21 highly researched, developed, and integral skills that identify pathways for cultivating being to develop conscious leadership.

  1. Create a comprehensive developmental profile.
  2. Identify and develop the 21 skills identified with Spiritual Intelligence to deepen consciousness.
  3. Develop a pathway of study and practices to prioritize your learning.
  4. Bring practical everyday perspectives and practices to your life and your work.

LEAD Consultant: Tony V. Zampella, MSOL

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“He who has a why can bear any how.”

—Viktor Frankl

Our Assessor Team:

  • Brendalyn King, M.Ed., PCC
  • Heather Wood, CPHR
  • Tony V. Zampella, MSOL


We offer this material to support your learning and practice.

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