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Your Future is a Declaration Away

By Brendalyn King, M.Ed, PCC, Leadership Coach and Community Engagement at Bhavana Learning Group

#timesUp, #meToo

#neverAgain, #enough

These are more than hashtags or supportive movements. These powerful declarations have altered the future for the world. The act of a declaration has the power to shape new stories, evoke our collective imagination, and engage thousands in action.

The power of our words shapes minds, opens hearts, and moves masses.

Consider the recent voices of young people like Emma Gonzalez, Naomi Wadler, or of our mentor,

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Before Saying Yes, Practice NO

By Brendalyn King, M.Ed, PCC, Program Director at Bhavana Learning Group

As a coach and program director at Bhavana Learning Group, I serve our clients by cutting through the noise – all of those items distracting us from what matters most. In these posts, I look forward to distinguishing noise from what we actually care about as we navigate our daily lives.

First stop … all the noise around time management.

iCal. Google Calendar. Outlook. Sunrise. SaiSuke. Calendate. PlanBe. We have no shortage of options for calendar applications nowadays. Over the last decade we have grown to believe that such apps can actually DOWNLOAD PDF

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