The story of our time is one of growing anxiety, fueled by the pace of change in technology, globalization, and knowledge, outstripping the ability of conventional learning to build social cohesion. 

We link with more people; yet, find ourselves less connected, more isolated, and lacking the tools to make sense of an uncertain world.

It’s time to pause …

We have created this page to support your wisdom practices by listing resources such as articles, handouts, and videos.

We also have a BLOG on Apps to Support Your Mindfulness Practice with apps recommended by us. We offer these to support your contemplative practices.

Contemplative Practice: Concentration & Mindfulness

Beginner Practitioners:

A Complete Meditation Guide for Beginners: by former monk, Richard Paterson/ (read 30-min)

How Meditation Helped These Leaders Achieve Extraordinary Success (read 5-min)

Mental Hygiene: The Overlooked Capacity, Part 1 (read 16-min)

How to change your future: Jeremy Hunter (video 15-min)

Postures for Meditation (read 11-min)

– Added info on postures: Everything You Need to Know About Meditation Posture. (read 11-min)
– Further info on postures: The Seven-Point Meditation Posture (read 5-min)

What is meditation? (video 4-min)

How to meditate? (video 6-min)

5-minute guided breathing (video 5-min)

10-minute guided breathing (video 10-min)

Intermediate Practitioners:

Mental Hygiene: The Overlooked Capacity, Part 2 (20-min read)

The Meditation Cure (read 15-min)

How Practice Walking Meditation (read 6-min)

How to Meditate – Walking Meditation (video 10-min)

How to do Walking Meditation (video 3-min)

10-min guided walking meditation (video 10-min)

30-min Full Body Scan (video 30-min)

45-min Full Body Scan (video 45-min)

PACKAGE: Brain Science with Dr. David Vago: Ted Talk (video 19-min) and Handout

Loving-Kindness Practice (Metta Sutta), by Sharon Salzberg (read 6-min)

How to Do Metta, by Jack Kornfield (read 5-min)

10-min Loving-kindness Meditation (audio 10-min)

Mindfulness Versus Concentration (read 25-min)

Contemplative Practice: Beginner’s Mind

The Power of Not Knowing (read 10-min)

New Year: Make Time for Beginner’s Mind (read 12-min)