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Commitment: Leadership Intelligence, pt. 4

In this, the fourth installment in our series on the four leadership intelligences—Awareness, Trust/Integrity, Authenticity, and Commitment—I conclude our inquiry into supporting the development of the being of being a leader. The last three blogs explored Awareness, Trust/Integrity, and Authenticity.


Commitment calls us to stand for something bigger than ourselves.

To discuss commitment requires a shift in perception from a third-person phenomenon that I accomplish commitments, to a first-person phenomenon that I generate commitment. As a leader, I am responsible for generating DOWNLOAD PDF

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Authenticity: Leadership Intelligence, part 3

Recall the introduction of the four types of leadership intelligences—Awareness, Trust/Integrity, Authenticity, and Commitment—that support the development of the being of being a leader. We first explored Awareness and then Trust/Integrity. This blog examines Authenticity.

Authenticity has been hijacked by popular culture to mean anything from being real to channeling one’s id. This has led people to sputter impulsive thoughts that have never previously crossed their minds as a way to showcase being “more real” or “genuine.”

As a buzzword, authenticity has emerged without rigorous assessment as to what it is; this post takes a step DOWNLOAD PDF

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Trust: Leadership Intelligence, part 2

In the last blog post, I introduced the notion of four leadership Intelligences – Awareness, Trust/Integrity, Authenticity, and Commitment – that support the development of the being of being a leader. I explored Awareness in that blog.

In this post, I will examine leadership intelligence #2, Trust/Integrity. Typically, trust is misunderstood and can be the source of much confusion in organizational life. I will focus on the complexity of Trust as applied to leadership development.

Leadership Intelligence #2: TRUST/INTEGRITY

Trust based on integrity strengthens our word, offering the reliability and care for developing relationships. 

Consider that trust is the foundation of human DOWNLOAD PDF

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