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Three-fold Unlearning to Rethink Leadership Development

Over the years, I’ve experienced two emerging dynamics regarding leadership and employee development: the concern over measuring success and the efficacy of development work. The focus on measuring often prevents the very kind of unlearning required for effective employee development today.

The best development model reveals a three-fold view of new knowledge, new perceptions, and new practices. This view is most effective because it naturally includes unlearning.

The dilemma, however, remains satisfying our preoccupation with return on investment (ROI), which finds it hard to measure unlearning.

The Dilemma of Measuring ROI


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Pathway to ‘Mutual Understanding’

I’ve recently seen the impact of deep understanding on strategy, culture, performance, and connection. Thus, here, I will introduce the term mutual understanding for exploration.

In my research, I have found it challenging to grok the concept of mutual understanding. It is usually described in cognitive or conceptual modeling via philosophical or deep communication models.

How might we expand mutual understanding as a human possibility to create meaning, access insight, and invite deep connections?

A Developmental Pathway

Mutual understanding stems from a deep interest in others and an openness that honors what arises. It cultivates new levels of awareness, DOWNLOAD PDF

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