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Mental Hygiene: The Overlooked Capacity, Part 2

In our last blog post, we discussed Mental Hygiene and mindfulness to observe how our machinery-like mind can undermine our best efforts. Recall the distinction of being exhausted as rooted in biology that impacts our physical health, and being drained as rooted in language that impacts our mental health.

Our Perception AS Suffering

Another way to say this is to distinguish between pain as a biological phenomenon and suffering as a linguistic phenomenon. If valid, then suffering is connected to our perceptions and how we interpret them. Therefore, we may have more to say about our suffering DOWNLOAD PDF

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Mental Hygiene: The Overlooked Capacity, Part 1

The pace of change today is the subject of much examination for product cycles, business development, and leadership development. Those interested in Adult Development Theories have experienced and addressed this volatile pace of change combined with increasing complexity, and uncertainty.

These dynamics impact our ability to cope with the unexpected at work and in our moment to moment living.

Drained or Exhausted

At the end of the day, we are wiped, and often too wiped to reflect on how we got wiped. In most cases, the experiences of “wiped DOWNLOAD PDF

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