Practice, Performance, and Flow—Differences that Impact Learning

Achieving optimal performance remains a focus of business, leaders, and coaches.

Discussions about performance often devolve into productivity. To develop a healthy balance, increasing performance requires creating conditions for performance to include motivation, rituals, and recognizing different capabilities.

This blog introduces practice, performance, and flow as distinct capacities that support human learning.

Clarifying each ability and recognizing how each capacity contributes to skill acquisition, demonstrating proficiency, and expressing creativity enhances learning and fulfillment.

1- Practice.

Definition: Practice refers to the deliberate and systematic repetition of skills, behaviors, or tasks with the goal of improvement over time.

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Is Think Week for You?

As I write this blog I complete my second annual Think Week. I thought I’d share some of the experience, how it came about for me, and how I use it.

For a dozen years now I’ve taken some intentional outings to be alone, to reflect deeply and to explore matters beyond the everydayness of life. Each outing provided its own journey.

In 2005, I lived a month in a Zen Monastery; in 2007, and 2008, I spent 3 weeks each year writing in Cape Cod, and in 2012, I ventured to Sedona for 3 months to regenerate and explore direction.


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