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Integral Development Domains

Our last blog introduced four meta-principles to design learning. In this post, I will explore four domains of human development: waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up. The meta-principles in our last blog can serve as a “background of wisdom” for these four domains.

First-Person, Intersubjective View

Before we begin, a note about development. We maintain that development today—given the pace of change and levels of complexity—demands deep learning, the kind that impacts a learner in a first-person way. This “first-person” experience is both immediate and “close to me.”

Briefly, third-person learning focuses on “them” and “it” DOWNLOAD PDF

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Engaging the Paradox of Learning

These times demand life-long learning from wisdom. Let’s consider how learning exists today. We often interact with three versions such as training, education, and development, each with a focus and purpose.

  • Training focuses on repetitive tasks to build new habits or skills;
  • education focuses on studying research and topics to expand knowledge; and,
  • development focuses on increasing capacity to expand our views (mindsets), often in unpredictable ways.

Developmental learning integrates all three of these focuses and involves another element: unlearning. This requires challenging assumptions and beliefs and releasing outmoded views.

Developmental DOWNLOAD PDF

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