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Collaboration: A World Beyond Transacting Business

Collaboration is the buzzword in our business culture.

Leaders, team members, managers, and coaches all want us to collaborate. Interestingly, the term seems to engender immediate agreement. But what does it mean to collaborate? Even more importantly, what does it mean to be collaborative?

If we dig into its synonyms a bit, we find words such as mutual, cooperative, cooperate, joint, collective, shared, united, and common.

Yet, in practice I find people claiming to be collaborative from a more sentimental or technological approach:

  • Sentimental: having conversations, getting together, connecting, and discussing.
  • Technological: setting up an app to capture data DOWNLOAD PDF
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Uber Crashes into The Third Wave

What happens when Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick finds himself running a company with a spate of sexual assault charges; is captured via dash cam video berating one of his drivers; is forced by customers “deleting his company’s app” to resign from a brief stint on the president-elect’s economic advisory board, and, it was just revealed that his company had developed an app called “Grey Ball” to evade law enforcement?  (see As Uber Melts Down, Its CEO Says He ‘Must Fundamentally Change’”)

What happens when Uber executives white-wash sexual assault accusations by former engineer Susan Fowler because the accused perpetrator DOWNLOAD PDF

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Review “Outward Mindset”: Seeing Beyond Ourselves

I am happy to share this book review of the latest book by the Arbinger Insitute, a research and consulting institute for many in our profession. The review appears in the premiere issue of the Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, published on October 1, 2016. The semi-annual journal offers a platform for thinkers, researchers, and practitioners to share and question ideas, methods, and perspectives. The theme for the premier issue is “A Coach Approach.”

BOOK REVIEW: Arbinger’s Outward Mindset, seeing beyond ourselves


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