Rugged Individualism

Power Dynamics, Part 2: Worldviews and Practices

What do all men with power want? More power. — Oracle, Matrix Reloaded

Is power bad, or is the need for power problematic?

Power is a matter of perspective, whether sourced in responsibility, purpose, or choice, or force, control, and results. Our perspective depends on our conditioning within society’s views of power and, culturally, how we internalize those views.

Before we unpack these layers of power, recall that Part 1 of this blog defined the following six dimensions of power: Legitimate, Expert/information, Reward, Coercive, Referent, and Influencer.

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COVID Lessons: A Return to Rugged Individualism or Not?

Last month marked a year since the arrival of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Reflection on this time surfaces mixed emotions.

There’s a collective restlessness and readiness to move on from this pandemic. Last week, I received emails and texts heralding “Back to Normal” sales, specials, and celebrations. Understandably, many want to get on with life: kids in school, dining at restaurants, theatergoing, shopping, traveling. Just like before.

But something happened this last year—at least for me—and I remain uncertain of the meaning of 2020.

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Our Worn-out Worldview (part 2)

By Tony V. Zampella, CEO and Designer at Bhavana Learning Group

Our story of leadership is a story conceived generations ago steeped in American “rugged (male) individualism” that informs the styles, content, and processes of our leadership philosophy.

Last post I explored a piece written by New York Times columnist, David Brooks, who examined our national story – as the rugged individual, coming from rags to riches – conceding that …

“We’ll probably need a new definition of masculinity. … many groups … have lost an empire but not yet found a role. DOWNLOAD PDF

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