We offer the following White Papers with inquiries and applied research for your review and examination. 

Book Review: The Outward Mindset: Seeing Beyond Ourselves by the Arbinger Institute.

Reviewed by Tony Zampella, published in the Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal. Vol. 1, No. 1, October 2016.

The Outward Mindset, by Arbinger Institute, explores the limited inward mindset that most revert to in times of setbacks or lagging organizational performance. This narrow-minded focus on self-centered goals instinctively looks for quick-fix behavioral band-aids, without examining the underlying mindset at the heart of these persistent challenges. The Outward Mindset offers stories, guidance, and tools to support individuals and organizations to improve performance, spark collaboration, and accelerates innovation—a shift to an outward mindset.

Case Study: “Stress Mode” – Emotion In Coaching

By Tony V. Zampella

CHAPTER 8: EMOTIONS IN COACHING Published in Complex Situations in Coaching: A Critical Case-Based Approach; Routledge, 1st Edition, May 8, 2019, ISBN-10: 0367173239; ISBN-13: 978-0367173234

The outcome of this coaching case study was a stressful situation that occurred in a client meeting scheduled by Susan, the coach. I employ an ontological inquiry that focuses on the period between that initial client call and the first stressful meeting. Specifically, I examine the effect of the linguistic tool of “assessments” on outcomes. Here I consider that Susan’s view led to a “stress mode” that foreclosed her possibilities of making a difference as a coach.

Essay – Importance of Liberal Arts in Times of Disruptive Change

By Tony V. Zampella, April, 2023

In this essay, Tony Zampella explores how the Liberal Arts allow us to access empathy, imagination, and creativity to make meaning, belong in a changing world, and appreciate different perspectives.

The Experience of Being in 12 Practices.

Zampella, Anthony V., 2020

What is the experience of being? In this paper, we explore an inquiry into being: first by exploring an interdependent understanding of being and then by introducing 12 practices that support this new understanding of being.

Commitment of Listening.

Zampella, Anthony V., 2016 Zampella Group, Inc. modified, 2019.

At its fullest, listening consists of a radical openness of mind, heart, and will that expands awareness of self, focuses attention on others, and generates meaning from deeper intention.  This paper explores listening as a mindset that can be developed progressively through practices that expand our levels of awareness and our develop our attention structures.

What is Coaching? Why Retain a Leadership Coach?

Zampella, Anthony V., 2017, modified, 2020.

Coaching has emerged — as a methodology, role, and product — in response to our inability to cope with increasing change and complexity in the social, cultural, technological, and professional domains. These changing demands impacted life, performance, and leadership. This paper examines the field of coaching as unique, as it moves beyond the rational, embodies dynamic learning, engages generative language, and adopts a future orientation.

The Time is Right for Servant Leadership.

Zampella, Anthony V., 2017, modified, 2018.

The more I study, teach, and practice, the more I return to Servant Leadership as a natural model for inspiring humans to achieve together. Servant leadership may be the most potent, personal, and practical of all the models as it involves a deep history and embraces a full range of the human condition. This paper explores servant leadership in our era of increased complexity and disruptive change.

Developing Leaders in the Classroom.

Zampella, Anthony V., 2016

This paper explores pedagogy for developing leaders and the exercise of leadership within an academic setting. Quite apart from conventional education that offers greater knowledge about a subject, our method of ontological inquiry offers learners access to the being of that subject. This draft White Paper shares the method, practices, and experiences of our “leadership development” model delivered for five semesters in the Business School at Rutgers University.

Rethinking Leadership in an Information Era.

Zampella, Anthony V., 2004

How do leaders prepare organizations for change in this high-speed Information Age? Although this might appear to be the reasonable question to pursue, a more fundamental and urgent question surfaces: How is the Information Age — with its perpetual saturation of information — reshaping what we mean by leadership, itself? In this paper, the author explores the conditions present in the Information Age, and how they impact our understanding of leadership.

Evolving Mindfulness: From the Rise of McMindfulness to Restoring Wisdom

By Tony V. Zampella

This four-part blog series examines the evolution of Mindfulness into the American mainstream.

Part 1 explores the secular version of mindfulness in the US with the rise of McMindfulness.

Part 2 examines different critiques of McMindfulness and secular mindfulness.

Parts 3 and 4 explore the core Dharma teachings and how we might integrate them into a more holistic view and practice of mindfulness.

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